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Anaplan is a ‘best in class’ (‘best of breed’) cloud based multi – dimensional business modeling tool. Anaplan is similar to Cognos TM1 in that they are both multi – cube (‘Anaplan Module’) modeling tools, but Anaplan is cloud based (built for the cloud) and Cognos TM1 is an ‘on premise’ solution with Hosting options from IBM typically using Softlayer, an IBM Company. See more on Cognos TM1 here….

Multi – dimensional modeling tools provide a platform for companies to build business models, though Anaplan provides ‘Starter Applications’, See more on Anaplan Apps here…. Customers start with a ‘blank slate’ and build the business model from the ‘ground up’. Blue Line customer benefit from Business Modeling tools, both Anaplan and Cognos TM1 because the platforms provide almost unlimited flexibility to build the model to the exact business requirements. This unlimited flexibility also supports the concept of ‘Integrated Business Planning’ (“IBP”, “Anaplan’s Connected Architecture”), the strategy to build models for every area of the business; Finance, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Workforce, IT etc. and integrate these models for collaboration, business drivers and transparency.

Key Benefits:

Flexibility: modeling tools provide a ‘blank slate’ allowing an organization to create models to their specific business requirements

Integrated Business Planning (“IBP”): a Strategy to build integrated models for every area of the business; Finance, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Workforce, IT etc.

Ease of Use: Calculation logic is ‘English’ based with point and click to streamline the development and deployment of models

Dashboards: Dashboards to create crosstab and graphic representations of cube views

An alternative to Anaplan is Host Analytics Modeling, also a cloud based multi – cube modeling tool built for the cloud. See more on Host Analytics Modeling here….

Transformative analytics provides information for business model construction that far exceed mainline analysis tools. Using specific analysis tools helps businesses get to the core of what drives their patrons, and what determines shifts in company strategies.

Anaplan models adhere to reporting the strictest outcomes of model analysis and outcome planning. With pinpoint data exposition, a company can grade associate performance, rate consumer involvement, and identify uses for integrated systems in the future. These tools make the unending barrage of analytical tools useful for all degrees of internal data analysis and future planning more manageable for any business.

Automatically relayed modelling is imperative for any business that uses precise data collection for future plans and strategies. Blue Line planning techniques allow extreme recognition and optimization of data collected from a variety of sources that strengthen a company’s understanding of patrons and consumers. This schedule of analytic tools ensures that any business will have an accurate vision of how it measures-up to competitors and the market at large. Take advantage of Blue Line planning for a higher degree of market understanding.

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