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Cognos 10

IBM Cognos 10 begins a series of new innovations from IBM Business Analytics that will change how your organization makes decisions, allocates resources, anticipates and shapes future outcomes.  IBM Cognos 10 delivers a revolutionary new experience and expands traditional business intelligence (BI) with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

Business users can explore all aspects of their business with a limitless BI workspace that supports the way people think and work.

Freedom to think: A unified BI workspace delivers analytics everyone can use to answer key business questions.

Connect with others: Collaboration and social networking capabilities let you build and share insights to gain alignment.

Simply do: Mobile and real-time analytics bring insight to the point of maximum impact.

Underlying IBM Cognos 10 is a proven technology platform that allows for seamless upgrades and cost-effective scalability for the broadest deployments.  With IBM Cognos 10, you and your organization gain the freedom to see more and do more—to make the smarter decisions that drive better business results.

The complete range of analytics capabilities

Cognos 10 helps your organization make smarter decisions, achieve better results, and gain a deeper understanding of trends, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Cognos 10 lets you explore any data, in any combination and over any time period with a broad range of analytics capabilities:

Query and Reporting: Comprehensive query and reporting capabilities to make smarter decisions.

Analysis: Analysis for everyone.

Scorecarding: At-a-glance information to successfully link strategy to operations.

Dashboarding: High-impact information presentation to monitor, measure and manage corporate performance.

Real-time Monitoring: Up-to-the second, relevant information within the context of your BI information.

Statistics: Statistical analysis incorporated into your business reporting.

Planning and Budgeting: High-performance enterprise planning software for budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

Extending BI: Convenient methods for delivering business intelligence to a wider audience.

Collaborative BI: Modern tools for collaborating, building stronger teams and stimulating better decisions.

White Paper and Videos

To download Cognos Business Intelligence White Papers and Videos, visit our Business Intelligence page here.  To learn about Mobile BI, visit our Mobile BI page here.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Licenses and Implementation Services

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