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Corporate Performance Management Company Launches a New Life Sciences Solution

Blue Line Planning aims to help businesses and organizations reach their goals through our Corporare Performance Management software, and sales and operations solutions. For the longest time, we have been leading the way in healthcare analytics, particularly in the field of Life Sciences. We are hereby proud to announce the release of our new Life Sciences Clinical Trials Inventory Optimization Solution. Early in May this year, we will host a webinar for those who are interested to learn about this product.

Our company has been a trusted advisor to healthcare organizations, which is why we always strive to provide healthcare professionals with the best solutions. Blue Line Planning believes that the success of a Life Sciences clinical trial depends on several important factors. This includes the pharmaceutical trial or device, managing and forecasting inventory levels, dosage and expiry date of inventory, access to limited, high cost manufacturing resources, and fully-equipped facilities.

Taking all this into account, Blue Line’s cloud based Life Sciences Inventory Management System is designed to help clients have full control over costs and inventory levels. Life Sciences Companies in Pharmaceutical, Biotech or Medical Device industries will now be able to efficiently and easily manage high cost manufacturing processes over the entire life-cycle of a certain trial. This system also keeps track of certain variables like Patient Volumes & Timing, Patient Indication, patient specific factors such as Height & Weight, Patient Specific Dosage requirements as well as Depletion.

The Life Sciences Inventory Management System also comes with different modules that will streamline other processes. For instance, the patient intake planning module allows users to plan dosage levels, timing of dosages, and active/Placebo ratios. The “Life Sciences Inventory Waterfall” module, on the other hand, allows organizations to better understand inventory levels by time period which include Beginning Balances, Depletion and Ending Balance by Product, Lot, Dosage and expiry date. The system also has a cost accounting module and an inventory operations module.

Trials can typically last for years, and Blue Line Planning seeks to improve key processes of healthcare organizations in order to enhance quality of care. Sign up for the webinar or contact us to learn more about our services.

Founded by our president Craig Thier, Blue Line Planning is a leader in predicting possibilities in Finance, Sales and Operations. We provide advanced analytics and corporate performance management solutions to organizations across the country in order to improve their financial, sales and operational planning. Throughout our years of service, our company has helped countless organizations in many industries. Contact us today to learn more.

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