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Blue Line Planning is a leading provider of advanced analytics products and solutions to companies across the nation. As a Vanguard Software Partner, we make it a point to always remain at the forefront of corporate performance management in order to help organizations leverage their assets and reach their goals as efficiently as possible. This is why we introduce new elements to further improve our Advanced AnalyticsSolution, particularly for Beverage Industry Sales and Inventory & Operations Planning.

Blue Line Planning’s partnership with Vanguard Software allows us to gain an advantage in predictive analytics and Integrated Business Planning through Vanguard’s cloud platform. As a result, we are now able to deliver next-generation IBP services and advanced analytic forecasting.

Our predictive analytics solution makes use of various statistical models and techniques to analyze historical data. This process of data mining effectively identifies likely combinations of “predictors” that are then modeled against future scenarios or real time operational data. Using the results, businesses can anticipate future outcomes and adapt to changes within their respective markets. As a tool, predictive analytics helps organizations to increase revenues, improve efficiencies and reduce production cost.

New to our Advanced Analytics Solution is the ability to introduce variables and simulate Sales and Demand Forecasts. These two features can enhance performance management for companies, allowing for better decision making, higher performance rates and faster workflow.

We can assist businesses that are interested in the Advanced Analytics Solution. Our products can be aligned to an organization’s strategy to ensure accuracy and quality. We offer interested organizations a free no obligation discussion about performance management needs. Contact us to ask for a consultation.

Blue Line Planning is a management consulting company that primarily focuses on assisting organizations in improving their Financial, Sales and Operational Planning. Through the use of our process improvement, technology and Advanced Analytics, we deliver transparent and precise Financial Forecasts as well as optimized Sales and Operational Plans. We have a team of veterans in the analytics industry that work as creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers. With our president, Craig Thier at the helm, we aim to aid executives as they reach new milestones and set new goals.

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