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Supply Chain Efficiency Webinar Presented by Host Analytics Experts

As a Vanguard Software partner, Blue Line Planning has gained an edge in predictive and advanced analytics as well as Integrated Business Planning with Vanguard’s flagship platform. We are now capable of delivering next-generation IBL services and advanced analytic forecasting solutions, particularly for those in the beverage industry. Beyond the quality of beverages, our team recognizes the need for proper sourcing, production and shipping, and this is what we want clients to learn during our webinar for the Vanguard Supply Chain Software.

The live webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 11 AM EST. Those who want to participate can register by filling out the form on the provided links. Those unable to attend can also watch a recorded version of the webinar once it has concluded, provided that they have also filled out the form. They will then receive an email with the link to the recorded webinar. Producers, distributors and sellers in the alcohol beverage industry are all welcome to join. During our free webinar , attendees can get valuable insights on how to optimize the supply for marketplace success.

The webinar will be covering several topics such as forecast demand and downstream depletions, measuring and improving overall supplier reliability, integrating third-party data to improve forecast accuracy, coordinating raw materials purchasing with production requirements and capacity constraints, shortening lead times, and improving fill rates and customer satisfaction. Reducing spoilage, contamination and storage time, managing seasonality, new product-line transitions, displaying forecasts by account, SKU, customer/product segment, adjusting forecasts and creating reports will also be discussed.

Two renowned experts in advanced analytic applications for supply chain management will discuss in-bound and out-bound supply chain efficiency for companies in great detail. Craig Their of Blue Line Planning has 30 years of experience in Performance Management, business process design, and application of advanced analytics. Under his leadership, Blue Line has become an established system-integration and IT consultancy that provides corporate management performance solutions in many industries. Brian Lewis, Ph.D. is Vanguard Software’s EVP and has over 10 years of experience in business forecasting and planning, supply chain management and advanced analytics.

Blue Line Planning is the number one provider of financial, sales and operational forecasting consulting services. We are primarily focused on assisting organizations through our unique approach and a mix of process improvement, technology (Anaplan, Host Analytics and TM1) and Advanced Analytics. Our solutions are highly regarded and have been instrumental in revolutionizing how many organizations conduct their business.

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