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EP to TM1 Migration

EP to TM1 – Should I migrate from Enterprise Planning to TM1?

Cognos Enterprise Planning (Adaytum) users regularly ask “Should I migrate to TM1?”, when they should be asking “Do I need to migrate to TM1?” With IBM announcing another release of Enterprise Planning in 2013 Enterprise Planning will be actively supported by IBM for at least the remainder of the decade. To answer the question “Do I need to migrate to TM1?” users should start with the following three questions:

  1. Does my Enterprise Planning Implementation support my organizations planning requirements?
  2. Am I considering new application development?
  3. Am I considering purchasing additional licenses?

Migrating should involve careful analysis and candid conversations, in addition to software license fees migrating is essentially a re-implementation. Aside from migration methodologies and approaches, dimensions, cubes and most importantly rules & feeders need to be rebuilt.

But, migrating brings opportunities; with 64 bit technology and theoretically unlimited RAM, TM1 cubes can scale. As with any software tool, TM1 requires considerations and at times – ‘tradeoffs’ but when implemented appropriately TM1 has an extensive, successful proven track record in all industries.

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Alternatives to TM1? –  see Anaplan

Next steps

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