Predictive Analytics – Optimization – Performance Management

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Analytics Solution

Blue Line’s Healthcare Solution utilizes Predictive Analytics and Data Mining to improve Revenue  Cycle Performance by better understanding the correlations between Patient, Patient Demographics, Provider, Payer, Charges, Diagnosis’, Procedures and History to answer questions at claim creation including:

Is this claim missing charges?

Will this claim be denied by the Payer?

When will the Patient Pay?

The answers to these questions will:

  • Reduce denied claims
  • Improve charge capture
  • Improve Self – Pay Collections
  • Improve Effectiveness of Internal Staff
  • Improve Cash Flow

Part of Blue Line’s comprehensive Healthcare Performance Management Solution providing one integrated solution to Predict, Analyze, Forecast, and Report.  To learn more about our Healthcare industry products, visit our Blue Line Healthcare page here and our Home page here.  Or call us at (866) 589-3440email us at or Request A Consultation here.