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Host Analytics – Consolidations

Consolidation applications are not limited to supporting Legal & Statutory Financial Consolidations, though these requirements mandate the rigor and compliance of a Consolidation Application organizations benefit not only from this same rigor and compliance but from the capabilities of a Consolidation application including:

  • Streamline the close cycle and reduce close cycle times
  • Source System Integration with prebuilt connectors
  • Chart of Account mappings
  • Integration with Plans and Budgets for Reporting and Analysis

Host Analytics allows organizations to manage the complexities of the enterprise-level close with powerful data integration tools, automated consolidation that supports global accounting standards, flexible reporting and personalized dashboards.

Key Benefits:

  • Financial consolidation: Easily consolidate financial and operational data, translate, and report foreign currency in accordance with the latest FAS and IAS standards like FASB 52. Automate journal entries and intercompany eliminations and streamline single-entity reporting.
  • Transparent reporting: Create interactive reports from a single report writer in either IFRS or GAAP format.
  • Compliance: Generate Balance Sheets, Income Statements or Statement of Cash Flows that meet the latest FASB standards like FASB 95.
  • Effortless integration: Upload General Ledger data with predefined connectors that include additional scheduling and data validation options.