Predictive Analytics – Optimization – Performance Management

Host Analytics – Modeling

Blue Line works with vendors that focus solely on providing best in class modeling applications, their premise is that every organization is ‘unique’ and a modeling tool provides ‘ultimate’ flexibility and control for users. This premise highlights the unique position of Host Analytics full suite of enterprise performance management cloud based applications that includes modeling.

Blue Line customers benefit from leveraging the ultimate flexibility of deploying Host Analytics Applications, for example leveraging the Financial Reporting application while building models to support the unique business requirements

Key Benefits:

  • Interactive Query & Analysis: Perform multidimensional modeling activities with speed of thought response time.  Select a model and an associated view, change and pivot the view, zoom in/zoom out and write data back to the model.  
  • Advanced Modeling: Incorporate financial and non-financial drivers into personal user models and perform granular ‘what-if’ scenarios adding dimensions, members and calculations on the fly, copying models, and loading data. Once completed, the model can then be incorporated into the corporate plan.
  • Excel-based Reporting: During interactive analysis or model creating, create formatted analyses with charting capabilities for collaboration across the organization.  Create an analysis in Excel, then share it via the Web or Mobile interface.