Predictive Analytics – Optimization – Performance Management

Host Analytics – Planning and Budgeting

Most organizations workforce, revenue, general expense, initiative and capital planning processes and requirements are similar, Host Analytics provide pre-built applications to support these requirements.

The primary benefit to our customers in leveraging Host Analytic’s pre-built applications is the ease of ongoing support, maintenance and sustainment of the pre-built application rather than a unique planning and budgeting model. Secondarily, customer also benefit from the rapid deployment of a pre-built application.

Key Benefits:

  • Pre-built applications: Merge operational and financial plans with pre-built advanced applications for workforce, revenue, initiatives, and capital planning
  • Excel front end: Familiar interface for data entry, formatting, and formulas
  • Flexible planning and forecasting: Run a bottom-up, top-down, or middle-out process with unlimited scenarios

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