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Host Analytics

Host Analytics is the only vendor to offer a full suite of enterprise performance management cloud based applications; Planning & Budgeting, Consolidations, Reporting, Analytics and Modeling. Blue Line customers benefit from a single integrated solution and a single vendor relationship including;

  • Fewer source system integration points
  • Integrated data across applications resulting in improved transparency, collaboration and accuracy
  • Comprehensive reporting, analytics and dashboarding across all applications
  • Modeling tool for the unique planning and analytic requirements of every customer

Any enterprise owner and manager would agree that fast, well-monitored, and user-friendly applications can help not just improve business processes but also reduce human errors, which usually lead to costly interruptions. These applications can be used on all types of business and can yield the same positive results.

Suite of Applications

Unlike the enterprise performance management applications from other providers, which often offer limited capabilities and force businesses to acquire lacking features separately at a higher additional cost, Host Analytics’ enterprise performance management applications are designed to cover all aspects of a business that need streamlining.

From planning to analytics, Host Analytics applications can do a lot for a business. They can identify snags that have been impeding profit generation, provide data analysis that can help formulate accurate predictions, and help business owners make informed decisions for their business. Here are some of the key benefits of Host Analytics’ enterprise performance management applications.

Planning & Budgeting – Pre-built advanced applications for workforce, revenue, initiatives and capital. Learn more….

Modeling – model any financial or business process, accommodate the most unique planning and analytic requirements. Learn more….

Consolidations – Financial consolidation to support global standards like USGAAP and IFRS. Consolidate Financial and Operational data to support both Management and Legal Consolidations and Reporting. Learn more….

Reporting – integrated financial and management reporting and dashboarding. Learn more….

Analytics – integrated analytics. Learn more….

Why Choose Blue Line

Blue Line Planning may not be the only one offering Host Analytics as a major business solution. You may have encountered another provider, yet after being dissatisfied by their poor service decided to look for another provider, leading your to our website. Finding another provider is one excellent move and finding us is another.

For decades, we have helped a lot of businesses reach their financial management goals. Most of them have already secured their rightful places in the competition, while others are quite fast on their way. Apart from the extremely efficient business solutions we offer, which include Host Analytics’ enterprise performance management applications, we can also help you better translate the data and analysis our solutions produce into correct business decisions.

Our goal is to help businesses like you get ahead of the competition, and our management consultation services may just be the solution you need. We can share our expertise with your team, helping them make the most out of our software programs, and as a result ensure the stability of your business operation in the long run. Applications like Host Analytics can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t consult with Blue Line.

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