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Mobile BI

According to Gartner, one-third of Business Intelligence usage will be through mobile devices in just a few years.  What does this mean to your organization and how can you best prepare for this?

Mobile BI accelerates time-to-information for critical business decisions while improving customer satisfaction and retention.  In fact, top performing organizations achieve a “time to decision” 1.7 times faster than the industry average.  By extending usage of existing BI infrastructure to mobile devices through the use of mobile visualization tools such as dashboards, charts, and graphs, organizations can more agilely respond to market changes.

The following factors must be kept in mind while deciding on your Mobile BI strategy:


What business users stand to benefit most from Mobile BI?  What is their requirement?

If all that your users need are a few alerts and summary reports, all you need is email and not Mobile BI.  In other words, unless the users expect to actively interact with the data delivered to them (such as slicing and dicing, drill through, drill down, etc), you do not need Mobile BI.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Some mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) are better suited for interacting with BI applications than some other older generation smart phones.  What is the most common mobile device used by the largest target business user group in your organization?  And how compatible are these devices to deploying Mobile BI?

Existing solution or new capabilities

Your chances of success are best when extending an existing desktop BI solution – the requirements are clear, and the solution is probably mature.  If the request is not based on any existing BI solution, chances are, a mobile-only solution will not be sufficient.


It is also important to understand the licensing model of your BI vendor.  Is Mobile BI embedded in the BI software suite, or is that a separate license component?  Furthermore, what additional infrastructure will you need to deliver BI to users’ handheld devices?

IBM Cognos Mobile

IBM Business Intelligence software helps your mobile workforce interact with trusted business intelligence content anywhere they happen to be.  The ability to use existing business intelligence content and a single authoring and administrative environment help IT keep up with the demands of users on varied devices.  The flexible and proven platform ensures mobile decision-making is simple, reliable and secure.

On the road or in the office, with IBM mobile business intelligence capabilities, you can:

  • Experience insight wherever you are. You get quick and easy access to business intelligence anywhere you are for uninterrupted productivity.
  • Interact with information like never before. Enjoy a rich, visual and interactive experience whether you are offline or online.
  • Confidently and easily deploy business intelligence to any device. A single authoring and administrative environment delivers secure, relevant and reusable content.

White Paper and Videos

To download Cognos Business Intelligence White Papers and Videos, visit our Business Intelligence page here.  To learn about Cognos 10, visit our Cognos 10 page here.

Blue Line Mobile BI Solutions

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