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Patient Sentiment Analysis – leveraging Text Analytics with Patient Surveys

Text Analytics uses natural language processing (NLP) technologies to transform unstructured survey text into quantitative data to gain insight into “true” Patient Sentiment not achievable with simple, scale based surveys.

The Affordable Care Act mandates focus on improving the quality of care by affecting how providers are paid for Medicare patients. The two vital components of this mandate are 1) following ‘Standards of Care’, commonly known as ‘Clinical Best Practices’ and 2) patient satisfaction based on random patient surveys.

Uses linguistics-based technologies to reduce the ambiguities of human language, helping you uncover patterns in the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of patient care.

Text Analytics will provide crucial intelligence to help Healthcare Providers:

  • Understand true patient sentiment
  • Achieve and maintain Patient Satisfaction metrics to qualify for full Medicare reimbursement
  • Proactively manage negative patient perceptions to positive results

Contact us to learn:

  • What is Text Analytics?
  • How Text Analytics is applied to Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Integrated Web based Patient Satisfaction Survey Capture, Text Analytics and Reporting Results
  • Steps to rapidly deploy Text Analytics


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