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IBM Performance Management

Performance Management refers to how an organization leverages its assets (people, money and technology) to achieve short-, medium- and long-term strategic goals.  Few areas are more important to business performance than your decision-making ability.  Performance managers use metrics, plans and reports to make better decisions about strategy, resources and tactics.  You can become a performance manager in your department by asking three key questions:

How are we doing?  Stay on-track to meet targets with visibility into any aspect of your business performance.

Why?  Put results and decisions into context by analyzing trends and patterns.

What should we be doing?  Allocate human and financial resources more effectively using driver-based plans and rolling forecasts.

Benefits of Performance Management

Better decisions: Say goodbye to gut feel with relevant, timely and accurate information about your business performance.  Integrate financial and operational data into a single source of trusted information for everyone, at every level of your organization.

Greater agility: Break free of spreadsheets with dynamic, driver-based planning and scenario modeling.  Set and re-set targets, plans and resource allocations quickly to seize new opportunities or respond to emerging threats.

Higher performance: Our proven Performance Management Framework lets you identify and optimize the sweet spots of information hidden deep within your corporate data and apply them to the decision areas that drive better results.

Getting Started

You can begin your Performance Management journey in one of these three areas:

At the Departmental level: Discover the sweet spots of information to cut costs and increase efficiency in Sales, Marketing, HR and more.

To solve a business problem: IBM Cognos Performance Blueprints co-ordinate financial and operational planning and improve forecasting in diverse industries and essential functional process areas.

C-suite: Access thought leaders, proven practices and technology experts through the IBM Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management.

How can Blue Line help?

Blue Line helps organizations improve performance by focusing on accountability, culture toward measurement and transparency.  Blue Line delivers performance management software and services to help executives:

See a single version of the truth: Provide timely and relevant data ensuring data quality and integrity.

Align to strategy: Understand how cost and value flow through the organization and how to optimally allocate people, money and technology.

Provide foresight: Prove which KPIs drive strategy and forecast and predict future outcomes with accuracy.

Review and adapt: Understand why projects succeed or fail, and update and communicate strategic change quickly and consistently for improved agility.

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