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Performance Management vs Optimization – TM1 vs iLOG

Performance Management vs Optimization – TM1 vs iLOG

Optimization is the application of “Mathematics” to improve business process efficiency, effectiveness and cost.

Performance management leverages metrics, plans and reports to make better decisions about strategy, resources and tactics.

IBM intentionally provides overlapping tools, TM1 and ILOG are examples of two IBM tools with comprehensive business rules engines for modeling simple to complex business processes.

The difference is the complexity of supported logic, ILOG includes the CPLEX Optimization Studio which supports the rapid development and deployment of both mathematical programming and constraint programming models, from a powerful integrated development environment using the Optimization Programming Language (OPL). In lay-terms; ILOG is utilized to optimize business processes through mathematics.

Another key difference is in the area of ‘Supply Chain Optimization’ – ILOG provides three ‘out of the box’ software applications for supply chain management optimization. Applications designed to complement and enhance existing investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions.

IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst is a route planning software for vehicle routing and shipment planning to optimize utilization of your transportation assets. Download data sheet here

IBM ILOG Inventory and Product Flow Analyst provides supply chain inventory management handling optimization for manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Download data sheet here

IBM ILOG LogicNet Plus is a software for supply chain network optimization and supply chain design, an off-the-shelf decision support solution for ongoing strategic planning. Download data sheet here

Contact us to learn how these applications help companies make better decisions faster, addressing:

  • global supply chain design, network optimization and sourcing strategies
  • inventory optimization to help you set and maintain the best inventory levels as well as the optimal flow for inventory distribution
  • vehicle routing and route planning
  • production planning and detailed scheduling

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