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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses various statistical models and techniques to analyze historical data, commonly referred to as “data mining” to identify conclusions and correlations also known as “Predictors”. “Predictors” or more likely combinations of “Predictors” are modeled against future scenarios and “real time’ operational data to predict an expected result.

Predictive Analytics is the analysis of historical data using statistical models and techniques to determine conclusions and relationships that can applied to predict future outcomes

Companies from all industries use Predictive Analytics to increase revenues, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Common uses of Predictive Analytics include:

  • Healthcare – Patient Sentiment, increase collections and improve patient outcomes click here for more information on Blue Line Healthcare Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Retail – match purchasing with anticipated consumer demand reducing write-downs
  • K – 12 Education – improve student success
  • Financial Services – identify risk and fraud
  • All Industries:
    • Optimize direct customer marketing campaigns improving revenue & customer retention while reducing marketing costs
    • Identify customers likely to “churn” for retention programs

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