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Free Consultation: Financial Consolidation Software by Consulting Firm

Monmouth County, New Jersey (February 20, 2017) – Management consulting service professionals offer free consultation for companies considering a shift from a Hyperion solution to the Cloud.

New Jersey-based Blue Line Planning considers it to be a most ideal time for companies relying on Hyperion to finally make the switch to Host Analytics Modeling. After much consideration, it can be found that the benefits of this move outweigh that of the status quo. For one, agility is apparently increased, as well as the level of analysis for crucial data gathering is improved.

With Host Analytics, companies can expect to have a full-suite of practical and efficient cloud-based applications that including tools for reporting, analytics and modeling, and financial consolidation software. It’s a lot more convenient too because of the dashboard that comes automatically across each and every application. Checking up on their functionality therefore becomes a lot faster, and gathering pertinent information for better analytics and management can be enjoyed.

Working with Blue Line Planning gives companies the opportunities to make the most out of pre-built applications as well as flexibility in planning and forecasting, which is pertinent in the planning and budgeting stage. Models are also effectively built to support various and unique business requirements, while Business Analytics are specifically created to offer intuitive and easy-to-access display of data.

The switch from Hyperion Essbase is understandably going to be quite the challenge, especially for those who have been using it for a good while. This is precisely why Blue Line Planning offers free assessment, so that interested companies can confirm if the time is indeed right for them to make the upgrade.

About Blue Line Planning

Blue Line Planning makes it their mission to provide innovative solutions to help companies with their Advanced Analytics and Predicting Possibilities for Finance, and Sales and Operations. The company’s objective is to always come up with transparent and precise systems that can better facilitate the workflow process of their clients, such as in conducting their revenue cycle management.

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