Predictive Analytics – Optimization – Performance Management

Sales Inventory Operations Planning (SIOP)

Vanguard IBP for SIOP software helps predict all facets of supply and demand to improve production scheduling, inventory management, logistics, supply-chain management, and financial planning and budgeting. Vanguard IBP for SIOP software pulls in data from sales, operations, marketing, finance, and HR to synthesize integrative forecasts, simulate hundreds of what-if scenarios, and support best-in-class multi-variate planning.

From raw materials to market ready products to the timing of capital investments, Vanguard IBP for SIOP software has the capacity to unite the entire executive team in shared processes for improving value-chain efficiency, customer service, and the bottom line.

Vanguard Dampened Trend – a powerful hybrid model that simultaneously detects all trends, cycles, and seasonality in historical data and responds with the most accurate exponential smoothing method. Vanguard Dampened Trend is available across all Vanguard business forecasting applications.


  • Predictive Algorithms for Statistical Forecasting: Integrated Advanced Analytics
  • Bill of Materials: Analyze thousands of scenarios
  • Multi – Echelon Inventory Optimization: Factor cost, profit, service level to determine optimal, net-value policies
  • Workflow: Automated workflow with business rules and alerts
  • New Product Launch: Comparable (product) forecasting, spread curve, supersession, adoption modeling and combined
  • What-If Scenario Planning: Test thousands of scenarios

 Users of Vanguard IBP S&OP will benefit from:

  • Real-time, balanced supply and demand
  • Reduced safety stock, increased working capital
  • Reduced stock outs, increased service levels, improved customer satisfaction
  • Automated forecasts, reduced time and labor expense
  • Eliminated shadow forecasts and manual processes, reduced error-related expenses

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