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Sales Performance Management

What is your Coverage Gap? Sales quotas have been assigned; do you know how much quota is unassigned today? Assigned to a vacant position?

Set sales targets, align territories, manage quotas, forecast pipeline, and calculate commissions in a seamlessly connected application.  With all your business rules and sales data in one place, sales and finance stay synchronized, plan adjustments are made on the fly, and sales processes are streamlined for maximum performance.

  • Quota Coverage
  • Target Setting
  • Territory and Quota Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Commissions Management
  • Commissions Adjudication

Set optimal targets across products, people, regions and lines of business.

Accurate target setting leads to balanced territories and achievable quotas.

Maintain strategic vision while tuning targets and accounting for coverage gaps.

Manage and calculate commissions accurately, on assigned quotas and targets.

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